Would you like to hire Dave Morris?

Dave Morris has been performing improvisation for over 15 years. He's a Pick of the Fringe Award winner, and M Award Nominee. His one-man improvised storytelling shows have been featured at the UNOfest, Vancouver and Montreal Improv Festivals, alongside the Kinkonauts in Calgary. For more information on rates get in touch today.

Dave Morris performs with:

  • Paper Street Theatre Co.   

    Dave Morris is the artistic director of the Paper Street Theatre co. Their mandate is to create improvisation that feels like theatre. Make sure to check out there upcoming season


    A Monthly show that happens at the Victoria Event Centre on the first Sunday of every month.

  • Master Class Show   

    Once a month Paper Street Theatre's Master Class performs at the Intrepid Theatre club under the tutelage of Dave Morris.

  • One-Man Improv Show

    Dave Morris' one-man improv shows happen all throughout the year at different festivals and events. His last show was IMPROV CLUB: An Improvised Chuck Palahniuk at The Victoria Fringe Festival for which he won a Pick of the Fringe award for Favourite Male Performer.